2014-08-08 Fabulous Friday Finds

Apocalypse on the Grill. Photo by J. Andrews

Apocalypse on the Grill. Photo by J. Andrews

Our little corner of the internet is now 2 years old!

This is such an excellent idea, even if the (gorgeous) design is a little bit complicated and unlikely: an alarm clock that brews coffee to wake you up. What do you think?

Matt at No Meat Athlete has two new energy bar recipes with tart cherries (same as in the pistachio cherry macadamia bites), and I admit I do really love the tart cherries. Have you ever tried tart cherry juice?

I’m hearing more and more about FODMAPS. I’m still not sure I get what it is, and since I don’t have gluten sensitivity or celiac, but instead I have just a straight up IgE wheat allergy, I haven’t tried that hard. But since it might be more important to some of you, Allergic Living had an article on The Link Between Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, and FODMAPS that you might be interested in. 

Amy over at An Allergic Foodie has a recipe for flax seed mayo from a review copy of Colette Martin’s new book, The Allergy Free Pantry. Now, I’m allergic to flaxseed, but I’m wondering how it would be with chia seed. I may need to give it a try. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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This is Denise and Mary Kate's joint profile for our Surviving the Food Allergy Apocalypse blog.

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  1. Colette does say at the end of the recipe that 2 chia seed “eggs” will work for mayo–1/2 tablespoon chia seeds with 3 tbsps warm water for one “egg.”

    • Cool, thanks! It’s now on my list of things to “get around” to do. I liked the Earth Balance mayo, but I’m pretty sure I’m reacting to it. I’m assuming it’s canola cross contamination with corn. Sigh.

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