2015-03-27 Fabulous Friday Finds

An otter at the Sonoran Desert Museum hosts the blog this week

An otter at the Sonoran Desert Museum hosts the blog this week

Ever since I made a S’mores Pie (I am still working on the recipe for the blog) and got to use my neglected kitchen torch, I’ve been searching for more ways to use my kitchen torch. It’s still sitting on the counter, waiting. It was part of a creme brulee set, but I’ve never made creme brulee (didn’t really like it, even when it was an option for me), so it never really got used. This list and this other list have some ideas on what else I can torch in the kitchen. I think my favorite is the idea of brulee-ing a sugar coat on top of my oatmeal. I might eat a lot of oatmeal for a while…

Thinking ahead to the glut (and, for me, boredom) of zucchini season, and trying to remember that the slow cooker is awesome in the summer, too, this quinoa and summer squash stew sounds great — and I don’t think it’d be at all harmed by leaving out the bit of cheese. This dream of summer brought to you by the 40ºF temperatures on Tuesday afternoon and getting to take my coat off outside.

I’m (Denise) still on an Asian food kick and craving fried food, and this recipe for Crisp Hoi An Pancakes fits the bill. There’s also very few substitutions I’d have to make.  

And this one is for Mary Kate. Although it uses sweet potatoes, I don’t know why regular potatoes wouldn’t work either.  Check out this recipe for Homemade Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Tater Tots. And again, there’s little I would have to modify, woo hoo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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This is Denise and Mary Kate's joint profile for our Surviving the Food Allergy Apocalypse blog.

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